The Rogue Artist’s Money Guide

This book is for Artists and creative humans who want a realistic way to view and manage their money. The Rogue Artist’s Money Guide helps artists and creatives figure out a sustainable system for managing their money in a practical way.

Award-winning artist Rafi Perez is back with his unique experience and insight of creating a sustainable career in art without having to cater to the gatekeepers. In this money guide he discusses the mindsets and techniques he used to manage and make money as an artist.

This unique book helps artists navigate the financial crisis that we can all run into as artists. Finances are one of the biggest roadblocks we can run into as creatives. Take control of your finances, and you will take control of your career as an artist.

This book:
• Features down-to-earth and encouraging advice from Rafi Perez
• Examples and stories of his career as a full-time artist for over a decade and how he managed his money.
• Techniques and mindsets Rafi has used to help him succeed financially.
• Answers the question, “can I make money as an artist?”

What does it take to manage your money as an artist? It’s not as mysterious as you may think. This book is an honest approach to demystifying making money with art and showing what it actually means to be a full-time artist, and how to make that a reality. This book is all about blazing your own trail managing your money, and creating your career as an artist.

This book can be:
• A self-help book for those looking for artistic mindset guidance.
• Great for those who enjoy reading empowering material that motivates them into action.
• An excellent gift for aspiring artists, musicians, writers, creatives, serious hobbyists, art students, makers, teachers, budding creative professionals, and fans of Rafi Was Here On YouTube.



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