The Rogue Artist’s Survival Guide

This book is for Artists and Creative Humans. The Rogue Artist’s Survival Guide helps artists and creatives identify and promote their own visual uniqueness.

Award-winning artist Rafi Perez brings his experience and insight to creating a sustainable career in art without having to cater to the gatekeepers. In this survival guide, he discusses the mindsets and techniques he used to blaze his trail with his style of art.

This unique book helps artists navigate the art world and create their own powerful paths. Creating art is a personal journey of self-expression, and how and what we create is not about being cookie cutter.

This book:
• Features down-to-earth and encouraging advice from Rafi Perez
• Examples and stories of his career as a full-time artist for over a decade.
• Techniques and mindsets Rafi has used to help him succeed.
• Answers the question, “can I make it as an artist?”

Being an artist or creative can be one of the most frustrating journeys any of us can take. It’s an epic adventure full of rejection, failure, and confusion, but it doesn’t have to be. We all have it in us to give the art establishment the middle finger and blaze our own creative trail.

An undisciplined, story-centric, off-beat, and honest approach to demystifying what it takes to survive in the art world as an artist. This book contains the mindset of approaching the world with your art from a full-time artist. The book is designed to assist you in navigating the art world’s cluster-fudge. This book is about blazing your own trail and creating your own career as an artist, instead of waiting to be discovered.

This book can be:
• A self-help book for those looking for artistic mindset guidance.
• Great for those who enjoy reading empowering material that motivates them into action.
• An excellent gift for aspiring artists, musicians, writers, creatives, serious hobbyists, art students, makers, teachers, budding creative professionals, and fans of Rafi Was Here On YouTube.



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