Challenging Notions of Normality and Embracing Creativity

Today, I’m diving headfirst into the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that often ensnare us artists in the pursuit of validation. Buckle up for some truth bombs and a few rambles about what we experience in this wild artistic journey.

Let’s unpack this: the world sometimes frowns upon our choice to weave dreams into reality. There’s this pervasive notion that being an artist is indulgent, impractical, and perhaps a touch on the childish side. But, spoiler alert—it couldn’t be farther from reality! You and I, and all of us creative souls, are the true change-makers, the visionaries of the world. We aren’t just decorators for the elite; we’re warriors wielding brushes, chisels, or words to shape the universe.

As Artists, we challenge the world.

In a society fixated on the hamster wheel of ‘normalcy,’ many of us have done the corporate gig—punched the clock, treaded the corporate ladder, and danced the dance of conforming to predetermined roles. It’s almost like being a cog in someone else’s wheel, striving for bonuses, climbing that ladder, hoping not to get the boot in uncertain times. It’s a reality that sucks the life out of living, disguised as a mirage of security.

But here’s the rub: that ‘security’ is often a facade, a glittering illusion we’re taught to chase. The truth is, the sky’s the limit when you’re an artist. Sure, there’s no weekly paycheck guarantee, but what you invest is what you reap. As for me, the corporate pay was handsome, but it had a ceiling, a limit to the joy I could wring out of it.

I’d Rather Be Happy Than Responsible.

Yes, there’s that incessant battle for validation, isn’t there? As an artist, explaining what we do can sometimes feel like describing a technicolor dream to a black-and-white thinker. It’s tough for people to grasp the multifaceted nature of our work. But, here’s the silver lining—embracing this unique path is a choice to express authentically, to craft something genuinely ours. It’s about donning multiple hats, being a businessperson, an artist, and a wild dreamer all at once.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. When we’re on our last voyage, it won’t be thoughts of more money or being ‘normal’ that crowd our minds. It’ll be the undying wish to have pursued our passions, embraced our authenticity, and shared our creativity with the world.

Our art? It’s more than a pretty ornament. It’s a catalyst for change, a gentle whisper nudging the world toward a more colorful existence. The mere act of boldly putting ourselves out there, embracing vulnerability, and persisting despite setbacks—each step chips away at the walls society builds around itself.

We Create Change By Being Who We Are Meant To Be.

And here’s a truth bomb: we are dreamers, rebels against conformity. We’re not just living but striving for more, pushing against the mundane, and inspiring others to do the same. What we create, our art, leaves an indelible mark. It becomes a timeless echo, outliving our mortal selves.

So, keep that childlike wonder alive. Embrace the messiness of creation and revel in the chaos of your creativity. Your art matters. It’s not selfish, it’s practical, and it’s a blaze of inspiration. Don’t let the world dim that shining beacon of imagination within you. Keep creating, keep inspiring, and most importantly, keep being unapologetically you.

Until next week, keep shining bright, you wonderful beings. Adios for now, and let’s keep painting this world with our vibrant hues. Cheers to all the magical unicorns out there!

6 thoughts on “Challenging Notions of Normality and Embracing Creativity

  1. I’m so glad I’m finally on your mailing list. Thank you for the inspiring words and the photos. I’ve been following you for years but unable to re-enter my studio, so I didn’t join the rouges. Now, I’m thinking I’ve really missed out. You guys keep the creative coals burning in my heart. Thank you. Have a fantastic day!

  2. Ummm…I’m going to put an older piece refererence here… title “Technicolor”….while you literally rephrased my artist statement in your own voice….so yep. We are artists. This is the community….a ton of variety, but a ton of common ground.

  3. This mornings conversation was beautifully written and resonated with me so much that I’m forwarding it to my artist friends. Thankyou for the inspiration to keep going and believe in myself (a belief that is often just hanging by a thread)
    Much love to you both from Michelle MarlyArt in Australia 🌻💚

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