Challenging the Status Quo and Shifting Paradigms

Someone had posted this on Facebook, that my job was to challenge the status quo and shift paradigms.  My instant reaction was, “Nah ah, that’s too much work. ðŸ˜„”  But I see what ‘challenging the status quo and shifting paradigms’ is trying to say.  I just truly work on looking at it a different way.

I’m here to pursue and focus on developing me, and me alone. Wth that develops the perspective of seing others in as much love as I have for myself. This brings with it the desire to help, where applicable, and I insist that I help only when asked.

Everyone else can choose to be influence by what I’m doing but I try not to waste my energy on trying to intentionally challenge the status quo.  All of my energy requires that I focus on getting to know who I am and being me. As I improve myself, I natually no longer match the status quo.

So the status quo does get challenged and I do shift paradigms but all through focusing on developing my own business (life) and being congruent with who I am. I fill my cup so that the blessings may overflow on to others.


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