Deep dive into mind

  1. My name is Cameron Holub and I created this piece. This piece is a look into my mind and how all my thoughts weave and flow. Sometimes, they are chaotic and sometimes subtle and smooth flowing. My thoughts and my creativity have no limits and constraints to hold them back. I used a singular medium which is a black technical pen on thick white watercolor paper. The tranquil flowing of lines is the thoughts I had while creating the piece in a state of peace and calmness. That is reflected in how the lines are not jagged or aggressive from an emotion like anger or frustration. The emotion is developed and expressed through one of the most basic elements of any art work simple straightforward line. 
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4 thoughts on “Deep dive into mind

  1. This reminds me of the art my father in law does..It is pen and abstract like this but there are forms and he hides his initials. I jusce and control t don’t know how you have the patience and control to do this!

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