THE KEY COMPONENTS.. What conclusion about time can we arrive at? or must we arrive at?  Condensing time or the concept of time to its essence or its non-existence.. ex: Missing necessary clock elements on a semi-transparent clock face superimposed over circular shapes. .What is the real truth about the concept of time?  A possible assumption leading to a rational conclusion that time really does not exist?..that it is an entirely imaginary nothingness?

  • Inspiration for this piece came from a kitchen grease fire that exploded my wall clock that hung innocently enough behind the stove unaware of its impending doom . thus creating a wonderful melted art sculpture. I trashed the sadly shattered glass saving the one clock hand (that didn't perish in the flames.) like it was a precious jewel that I cannot bring myself to throw away even tho it no longer serves a purpose except that it is perfection of black shiny metal. Time froze upon entering the kitchen. I froze my brain stopped.. TIME stopped..I truly expected EVERYTHING to go up in flames and I was ready to run.. till miraculously another person who followed me into the room beat out the flames with their bare hands.. it only takes one second of measured time to permanently change for all time everything that we know. TIME/ENTROPHY
  • Yes
  • $1,000,000 US dollars on sale for $1,000
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