He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

This was inspired by bonbonillustration on instagram who first drew a young lady looking over her shoulder in this pose. She then posted the picture as a DTIYS challenge. Another artist Velliniki Art decided to draw her in a very Anime style. Because this was a dtiys, Velliniki drew her very close to the original. You can see the original and her version here: Character Design | Girls on Behance .The dress was the same. The colors were very similar. The background was softened but the same. I really liked the pose! It seemed so museful and reminded me of plucking daisies as a child! The anime version had beautiful hair and large eyes. But the eyes were almost too large! I also liked the rim light used on the anime version. But I hated the dress and the background! I also felt like someone so thin and delicate wouldn’t wear those big earrings! I wanted her to look more sweet and less fancy! Her head also felt so big compared to that slim body. So I changed up the proportions. The hair and eyes are done in what has become sort of an easy way to id my work. I used a closed back and butterfly sleeve to make her look more sweet! Lastly, I changed up the colors from soft and creamy to warm and glowing! Then for the background I wanted something to still frame her but that was more, me! So I started googling daisy pictures and saw one of real daisies in a heart shape. It just seemed perfect! I added stems to not just tie in the one she holds but the green eyes! Overall, it was so fun to not draw the original in my style but turn it into something that feels very much a reflection of me!

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4 thoughts on “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

    1. Thanks! I had been trying new things and sort of came back to this look. It was nice to know that trying new things didn’t mean I lost my groove in this style. it also felt like coming home in a sense!

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