Home – A Fantasy

This piece explores my personal relationship to the idea of home and represents how I once made the physical building and place sacred. A “house” was the thing that represented safety, security, family, and comfort. It needed protecting at all costs. But, after life’s unexpected disruption in my 20s, finding the love of my life, having children, and finding great friends, I realized “home” is who I am with, and who is in my life, not a specific place.

The piece is made from an umbrella, bent and formed into a massive tree bearing massive fruit. The base was a gift box, and the house is archival card stock. The overall paint, and surrealism is intended to reflect the childhood fantasy that I’ve since left behind.

  • 24" Dia x 24" H
  • No
  • Bret Schwalb
  • https://onhandart.com/
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