I did this painting a few years ago. I hope it is okay, it seemed to fit the challenge pretty well. I’ve long been a fan of Edward Hopper. I am drawn especially to his urban scenes with their strong geometry, solitary figures and feelings of loneliness, regret, and resignation. One of my favorites is “Office in a Small City.” I was thinking of this Hopper piece when I did “Leftovers.” Basically, I asked the question, what does this person’s life look like outside of the office?  Dwarfed by the buildings and even the flower arrangement is the solitary office worker, leaving a restaurant where he has just eaten alone, looking for his keys, carrying his leftovers back to an empty home. Like the food in the Styrofoam container, he is a leftover contained in the environment of the small city.

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3 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Nicely done! Your painting evokes questions. Meticulously done. Your perspective lines look perfect making the buildings look amazing. The bricks must have be daunting but you kept them all right in line. That is a wonderful painting. Nicely done.

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