The Gate

I love dark art and somber scenes. This was originally painted by Daniele Serra.  I love his art and wanted to try my hand at one of my favorites. My painting has darker red leaves than this photo. I used cobalt teal instead of the dull murky green that was in the original painting.  Daniel Smith Watercolor on Fabriano 100% Cotton Hot Press Watercolor Paper.     

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8 thoughts on “The Gate

  1. I like the colors (tiel)you chose. Love the atmosphere of this and thanks for introducing this artist,Daniele Serra, too!

  2. The original is high contrast, harsh, and scary! Yours is softer. It looks misty or foggy. Sort of mysterious. It’s sort of spooky in it’s own way! Does the gate lead to an old abandoned mansion or a creepy family style graveyard with old dates on the stones? It is sort of like horror movies. Do you prefer dark and bloody or psychological horror? I like the later and your piece better!

    1. Thanks Shan. I appreciate the feedback. I see things I would do differently if I tried it again. I decided to find a stopping place and call it good. Lol I like dark art that depicts macabre scenes. I don’t like bloody or gore artwork.

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