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What is the purpose of this site?

We started our journey in this art career with nothing to our name. It was a challenge, to say the least. I remember looking up YouTube videos and information online to try and help us move forward. Although some of it was helpful, nothing really touched on the real struggles that artist face. Sure, there is a whole lotta nothing going on when you get going in an art career, but the real challenge is finding a way to push you to keep going emotionally. Truth is, rejection, criticism, and roadblocks aren’t the thing that will end an artist’s career. It is quitting because you don’t know how to deal with the stuff that comes up from inside your own head. So, as we put ourselves out there and faced all the roadblocks, we discussed our experiences in our own videos and shared them with other artists. Slowly, we started to build a community of artists that are dedicated to keep going and pushing through the suck. In our opinion, this community is one of the most powerful and supportive creative communities out there. This is something I wish had existed when I first started this journey, and I am happy to be in a position to share the awesomeness that is The Rogue Artist Community.