How To Prepare For A Large Art Installation?

As some of you know, we worked on a massive art installation several years ago. It involved animatronic sculptures and a maze.

Whether you are working on a large art installation or getting ready to show your art at a gallery event, it is crucial to be prepared. As artists, we have many moving parts to what we do when putting ourselves out there, so keeping things organized is essential. If not, it can turn into a significant cluster fudge.

So, here is a checklist I put together to keep things from going crazy in my brain jar. These are just a few questions that help me plan. Download the checklist on our downloads page.

ART Installation Checklist From Beginning To End (By Rafi)

This is my checklist for things to keep in mind during designing, building, operation, and if
I’m involved in taking the installation down. This is for installations that may travel, not for permanent installations.

When Designing And Building – (Questions I ask myself over and over during the
design and build)

Is it easy to transport?

Will it be easy to store?

Can you safely package it for storage?

Can it easily be built by someone else with instructions?

Does it say what you want it to say?

Can it be built free-standing, or is it designed for a particular room size (requires walls and
the ceiling of the room where it is being installed)?

Are there any elements that could be potentially dangerous to the participants?

Is it safe?

Can you see all fire exits, and is it wheelchair accessible?
During Operation – (These are things I inspect after installation goes up)

Is the installation easily maintainable?

Is it easy to clean? Does it need cleaning often?

What feedback are you getting?

Are there any repairs that you need to do? How do you plan to remedy this?

Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve with the installation?

How are people responding to your art?

Is it still safe and secure?

Is there anything you would have done differently? How will you plan for a future project?

Take Down Of Art Installation

Is it easy to take down with instructions?

Are the parts easy to manage and store?

How many people does it take, and how long?

What would you have done differently during design and installation?

Is it easy to transport?

Did it get damaged at all? If so, what will you do differently?

Were there any steps in the process that can be avoided next time?

After storage, can you easily access all items?

Do you have instructions for build and take down?

How did you feel about this experience?

Did you charge enough? If not, how much would you charge next time?

Let me know if you would like me to do a checklist specifically for art shows and festivals. It is something I am currently working on.

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