Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of juggling, not the circus kind with flaming torches (although that would be awesome), but the art of balancing a side hustle, a corporate gig, and our artwork. 

This topic comes from our friend Chris, he asked, “Now that I’m doing some dog walking as a side hustle I’m finding I have little to no energy for art, or at least not the big painting projects. Instead just sketchbook doodles. Any tips for when the focus is on one thing, the dogs, energy low but still wish to be producing some paintings, or do I just need to let it go and accept life is very different for the moment?”


Chris decides to spice up his financial game by venturing into the world of dog walking alongside his art. But, alas, the struggle is real. Exhaustion sets in, and the poor guy can’t find the time or energy to give his artistic soul the attention it deserves.

Firstly, major kudos to Chris for taking the plunge into the entrepreneurial waters of dog walking. Being your own boss of two businesses is like conquering a dragon—it’s no small feat. Now, as a fellow ringmaster juggling various artistic endeavors, YouTube videos, podcasts, books, music, and a membership site, let me spill the beans on the not-so-secret sauce: a schedule.

We Are All On This Creative Journey Of Craziness


I know, I know, schedules can feel like a creative straightjacket. But trust me, without some semblance of order, you’ll be doing the crazy dance of chaos. And nobody wants that. No one likes being told what to do. But a schedule you create? That’s the roadmap to sanity in the whirlwind of creativity.


Now, let’s talk about priorities. Art is a slow burn. It’s not a microwave pizza you pop in for quick results. It requires dedicated time. When the exhaustion hits, it’s tempting to prioritize the money-making hustle over the passion project. But be wary—you don’t want to turn your love into a joyless job.

We Are All On This Creative Journey Of Craziness


And here’s the golden rule: self-care is not negotiable. Breaks are not a luxury; they’re a necessity. It’s like recharging your creative batteries. Remember, you’re more productive when you’re not running on fumes.


Organization is your loyal ally. The Fantastic Four list (no, not the superheroes) keeps your tasks manageable. No overloading yourself! Stay realistic with your goals. You’re not a comic book hero; you’re an artist. So, chill on the unrealistic expectations.


Creating an environment that makes it easy to start is an art in itself. Don’t make the process an obstacle course. A clutter-free table with an easel ready to roll can be your artistic haven. Make starting a breeze, not a hurricane.


When life throws curveballs, and your art takes a backseat, don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay. Life is unpredictable. Stress management is the key—don’t let worry and self-doubt hijack your creative journey. Take a breather.

We Are All On This Creative Journey Of Craziness


And the grand finale—give yourself permission. It’s okay if the canvas stays untouched for a while. Life is a constant ebb and flow. If you need to figure stuff out, take your time. Art will be waiting patiently, like a loyal amigo.

So, Chris, whether you dive back into your art or take a temporary creative siesta, it’s all in your hands. Your journey, your rules. And to everyone tuning in, keep being amazing, keep creating, and remember, it’s okay—art can wait, but life won’t. Adios for now!

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