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I am a creator with interests in a variety of media.  My current focus (in visual arts) is watercolor, but I also have interest in oils, soft pastels, acrylics, resin…. a whole bunch of stuff.

I create solely for the love and wonder of whatever it is that I am creating.  This can range between the curiosity about the medium or the technique, or my need to express the meaning of the subject.

My other interests include exploring spirituality through my own life experiences and contemplation. I’ve started a YouTube channel called, Creator Vodcast, scheduled to launch this year.  All of my channels will be rough at first, but they’ll get better as I learn.  It is a video podcast that focuses on developing a success mindset.  For me, having a success mindset is having faith in self, our dreams, desires, and especially imagination.

I play with, and test the teachings of mystics like Neville Goddard, Florence Scovel Shinn, and Abraham-Hicks, among many others.  I plan on sharing my perspective, interpretations, and experience on the Vodcast.

There are countless teachers on the scientific side of things also, and they have all been helpful in the quest for my own spiritual truth. 😊  I enjoy reading books by Dean Radin PhD, Cheif Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) or the reasearch done, in the many books, by Lynne McTaggart, or works like Molecules of Emotion, by Candace B. Pert Ph.D..


Here is something interesting to think about: YOU are not inside your body, your body is inside of YOU.

YOU are the awareness, the consciousness that animates the body. You are what chooses the state of being to live in, and you are connected to every thing and every one, being the one consciousness. We are never alone, all connected as one. 🤔

Of course, 😄 we can choose to see this or not, since we are 100% free to choose what to think and whatever we wish.

Ok, besides paradigm shifting and mind acrobatics, I enjoy being a singer and song writer.  I am now getting back into creating music.  I also enjoy shooting sports, all manners of guns and archery.  I have even enjoyed reaching top three in Washington state, for archery.  I’ve enjoyed championing my dogs in show and competing in hunting, and have competed in swimming as a kid too.  🤔 Huh, I have actually lived SUCH A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!  I used to dance much more and perform with groups a lot too.   😄… but now I very much enjoy being a couch potato, so… there’s that. 🤣 And guess what? I’m still 23FOEVA!


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I am currently building online courses with memberships that teaches the technical side of art, on Kajabi.  I want to share my journey as I am developing my own skills on Youtube, in order to reach the people that would love to enjoy life with me.

I’m hoping to expand into helping others with sustaining an artist lifestlye by helping with the technical side of online business and marketing too.  I basically want to share everything I learn, especially with mindset because I believe that everything starts within our mind.  I basically want to dedicate the rest of my life being successful at helping others succeed.


Idaho (recent Seattle transplant)


I am proud of being able to allow myself to see my part in creation and believe in my imagination.




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