Several years ago, we vowed to share our knowledge openly with the world about our art and our creative journey. This decision eventually created an amazing community of artists from all around the world. Our creative journey continues, but now we get to enjoy the journey of others as well. Thank you for being a part of this amazing and supportive community. Below you will find our mission and values behind everything we do.

Mission Statement And Values

We are inspired by the stuff of life and are constantly working on a myriad of different projects. So how do we keep it straight? Everything we do follows our mission and principles.

Rafi & Klee’s MISSION
To inspire and encourage creativity and empowerment in the human spirit with everything we create and do.

Rafi & Klee’s VALUES
We live these values in everything we put out there and everything we do:

  • To point the lens on how beautiful and powerful a single human being is and how they can influence the world.
  • To share what we’ve learned to help artists and humans who may be curious, and do it freely and openly.
  • To create a culture of creativity, laughter, empowerment, and innovation where everyone is welcome.
  • To treat ourselves and others with humanity, love, understanding, and patience in everything we do.
  • To have the courage to say no when something doesn’t fit our values, but without arrogance or hubris.
  • To not chase money, fame, likes, subscribers, accolades, power, or validation as a definition of success.
  • To approach every personal or career challenge as an opportunity to grow and act with courage.
  • To challenge the status quo and nurture a community without hierarchy – seeing EVERYONE as equal.
  • To remain real, connecting with transparency, authenticity, empathy, and respect for all in everything we create.
  • To keep ethics, sustainability, and the environment in mind in the choices we make for our business.
Artists Are Free To Be Who They Are

Questions We Ask Ourselves When Doing Anything:

  • If you knew that someone could not do a single thing for you, would you treat them differently than someone you could get something from? If so, then rethink your motives.
  • Do you feel empowered by doing this, or are you doing it out of fear, desperation, spite, or validation? (Empowerment is about ways of thinking and supporting yourself to feel in control and responsible for your own life and emotions.) If you are blaming, excusing, or needing to impress someone else, then rethink your motives.
  • Am I doing this because I feel that I am entitled? Is it a choice based on someone else’s entitlement?
    – Am I doing this because I feel that I owe them? – Am I doing this because I feel that they owe me?

    – Am I doing this because I feel that I need them? – Am I doing this because I feel that they need me?

    Really think about these for a moment and go deep if you have to.

    Holding on to entitlement is like holding on to a lump of hot coal. Take a close look and make sure that you are doing this because you actually want to. If you feel like a martyr or a victim doing it, then rethink your motives.
  • How will this Actually benefit the world? Any time you share anything in the world, there should be a benefit for others. Whether you inspire them, make them smile, think, or feel – then it is powerful. If you are just saying “Hey look at me!” then rethink your motives.