Hey there, you amazing artists! Today, I want to dive into the wonderful world of promoting your art. It’s a topic that often leaves many of us artists scratching our heads. We may excel at crafting beautiful pieces of art, but when it comes to the business side of things, we tend to scurry in the opposite direction faster than a cat who just saw its own reflection. But fear not! Today, I’m here to tell you that promoting your art can be as fun as wielding a paintbrush or strumming a guitar. So let’s explore how to turn this business aspect into a creative adventure that’s not just enjoyable but also highly successful.

Embrace Your Unique Voice

First and foremost, embrace your creativity. Your art is an extension of yourself, a reflection of your inner world. Instead of viewing self-promotion as a daunting task, consider it an opportunity to express your individuality and share your perspective with the world. Tell yourself, “I have a voice, and this is how I choose to use it.” For me, this aspect is incredibly motivating. I used to be a quiet and shy kid, and now, my art, this podcast, everything I create—it’s me finding my voice and speaking up. Be authentic; let your passion shine through in everything you do. When your art is a genuine reflection of who you are, self-promotion becomes a natural extension of your creative expression.

Make It All Fun When It Comes To Creativity

Set Artistic Goals

When it comes to promoting your art, set creative goals rather than focusing solely on sales and financial gain. Money can be a tricky motivator. For instance, I use social media as a platform to express myself, document my creative journey, and connect with like-minded individuals. It’s not about the money. This approach keeps me prolific in promoting myself because I’m not constantly worrying about follower counts or likes. If your goal is rooted in financial validation or fame, it’s likely not sustainable. My goal, for example, is to create visually stunning content that captivates and engages. It’s about the art, not just the dollars.

Collaborate and Connect

As artists, we often spend a lot of time in solitude, deep in our creative process. Instead of seeing self-promotion as a chore, view it as an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Attend art exhibitions, join online communities, and engage with other creatives. These connections not only boost your promotion efforts but also make the entire experience much more enjoyable. Think of it as connecting with kindred spirits rather than “self-promotion.”

Our Friends From CJ Hurley Century Arts

Experiment and Innovate

Creatives thrive on experimentation and innovation, so why not apply that approach to the business side of things? Try out different ways to market yourself, explore new platforms, and think outside the box. The thrill of discovering what works and what doesn’t can become the end goal in itself. I see all my marketing efforts as social experiments, a fascination with human behavior. It transforms promotion into an exciting creative process rather than a money-driven one.

Keep It Real

Share your own hero’s journey, with all its ups and downs. Don’t be shy about sharing your story just because you’re living it. Your journey is epic and inspiring, showcasing your resilience and creativity. By engaging people emotionally through storytelling, you make the business side of creativity enjoyable for both you and your audience.

Seek Guidance and Support

Don’t be afraid to seek out people who have been where you are now. Connect with artists who’ve walked the same path, and build a network of support. It’s not a sign of weakness but a testament to your willingness to grow and improve.

Make It All Fun When It Comes To Creativity

Reward Yourself

Make the process fun by gamifying the business side of your art. Set personal milestones and reward yourself when you achieve them. Treat yourself to art supplies, a creative workshop, or a day of relaxation. Turn self-promotion into a series of mini-adventures, each step a rewarding journey of its own.

Being a creative doesn’t mean you have to dread promoting your art. By injecting creativity into self-promotion, embracing your unique voice, setting creative goals, collaborating, experimenting, storytelling, seeking support, and rewarding yourself, you can transform self-promotion into an enjoyable and fulfilling part of your artistic journey.

So, don’t let fear hold you back. Turn self-promotion into an exciting chapter in your creative journey. Step out of your comfort zone, wield your metaphorical sword, and face those dragons with a gleeful smile. Thank you for joining me today. You’re all amazing, and I look forward to our next creative rendezvous. Stay inspired, and adios! 🎨✨

2 thoughts on “Promoting Your Art Can Be Fun

  1. Thank you for your words of wisdom 🙏 promotion is definitely the weak link in my art career.
    ‘gamifying’ and rewards are good motivators for me (and my inattentive ADHD brain)
    Wishing you both a creatively rich & rewarding day
    much love from Michelle in Australia 💚🌻

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