Creative Business Plan

When you embark on this entrepreneurial journey as an artist, having a business plan is a must. Now, I’m not referring to the conventional business plans you can find anywhere. There are plenty of resources, like the Small Business Administration, offering free guidance for artists and budding entrepreneurs. No, what I mean by a creative business plan is this: Start exactly where you are, with whatever you have.

Reflecting on my own journey, I began with a motley collection of old, coagulated acrylic paint tubes and poster board that had seen better days. The art galleries in town didn’t know who we were, let alone accept our work. Rather than being rejected, we faced an indefinite waiting period. But I was determined. I didn’t let my lack of funds and the sorry state of my materials hold me back.

I made my debut at the Gulf Breeze flea market, paying for a table we could barely afford. I’d rekindle those crusty old paints and work on poster boards. They were far from archival, but I pressed on, crafting unique art. The first piece I sold fetched just $20, but that rush of excitement was worth its weight in gold.