Expectation VS Reality

In the world of art, expectations and realities often clash. The myth of what defines an artist has swirled for far too long. People say you need gallery representation, a formal art education, or sales to earn the title of an artist. But the truth is, you’re an artist if you create, period. No distinctions, no labels. It’s about creation.

The art world carries strange beliefs, perhaps from generations afraid of their creative kin’s unconventional paths. But here’s the twist: substitute “artist” with “entrepreneur,” and see how perceptions shift. Being an artist shouldn’t feel powerless, like jumping through hoops for an established system. It’s about empowerment, facing every situation with a belief in your ability to move forward, whether acceptance or rejection.

Rejections aren’t failures; they’re notches on your belt, badges of experience. Some proudly frame rejection letters alongside acceptance letters, turning them into wizard skills. Embrace this mindset, and watch your creative journey transform.