Square Inch Method

The square-inch method of pricing art is a straightforward way to determine the selling price of your artwork based on the size of the piece. Follow these simple steps to calculate the price per square inch:

  1. Measure the Artwork:
    • Measure the dimensions of your artwork in inches, both the width and the height.
  2. Calculate the Total Square Inches:
    • Multiply the width by the height to find the total square inches. This gives you the size of your artwork in terms of square inches.
  3. Determine Your Base Price Per Square Inch:
    • Decide on your base price per square inch. This is the amount you want to charge for each square inch of your artwork. Your base price per square inch should take into account factors like your skill level, experience, and market demand for your work.
  4. Calculate the Selling Price:
    • Multiply the total square inches by your base price per square inch to get the selling price of your artwork.

Here’s the formula for calculating the selling price using the square inch method:

Selling Price = Total Square Inches x Base Price Per Square Inch

Keep in mind that your base price per square inch is subjective and can vary based on the uniqueness of your art and your reputation as an artist. Additionally, you may want to consider factors like the cost of materials and the time spent on the piece when setting your base price per square inch. Regularly review and adjust your pricing as your skills develop and as your art becomes more sought after in the market.