Spoiler alert: We don’t manage time; we manage tasks. Managing tasks can be just as daunting as mastering time, so in order to become better at it over, er… time… we look at the main reasons we might struggle to get things accomplished and our most effective life hacks for getting past these blockages and getting things done. Those life hacks are: Fan Four List, Fa-Chunking, and Flexibility This class is not just for creatives, but anyone who has multiple interests, entrepreneurs, humans looking for that elusive and glorious work-life balance, and any person that has more than one thing going on in any given day. We hope you come out of this class with the desire to investigate the reasons you might be struggling to accomplish things, as well as a new perspective and set of skills to help you take on those things. What You’ll Need For the class project, you’ll need a sheet or two of paper, a writing utensil, and a desire to empty all the things that might be rattling around in your brain jar. We’ll be making a master list of things we want to get done, going over how to transfer those things (a few at a time) onto a daily list, and implementing fa-chunking and flexibility strategies actually to accomplish those things daily. A list is only as good as its maker’s ambition to clear it. We encourage you to embrace Fa-Chunking and Flexibility as tools to make your lists work for you.

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