You Are A Creative Force Of Nature

As I sit in what used to be my studio this morning and contemplate my next task, I am struck by the fact that tomorrow we will be going to the post office to hand in our PO Box keys, going to the bank to wire transfer the largest amount of money I have ever wired, and packing up a Uhaul (and possibly leaving that afternoon). I am sore, I am tired, and I am mentally exhausted from dealing with all the “what if’s” 

We have managed to pack up not only our house but an entire working studio in a matter of days. I have so many muscles hurting that I can’t even pinpoint where the pain is coming from. It’s moments like these where the overwhelm likes to sneak in and zap your motivation. 

However, I tend to say, “alright let’s do this!” stand up tall, clap my hands, and smile at the badassery that is me. Because today is simply another day to show me what I AM capable of. 

Of course, it helped that one of you badasses posted your Monday Motivational Madness this morning on discord. This is so good that I wanted to share it with you. This is by Chris J Roads, who totally made my morning with this.

“Monday Motivational Madneeeesss~!!!! Unofficially helping while Rafi Mooooves~

Howdy howdy Rogue Fam! Another Monday here in need of a motivational…but this time…I don’t think I will do it. I’m no one special so what gives me the right? Rafi can swoop in and motivate as always, I suppose but he is no one special either. Anyone who would fill in this spot isn’t special. Because the only person who is…

…is you. The one reading this. Not the person writing it or the person who recommended you read it or the critic or your parents or your friends or your neighbor or that guy you said hi to in passing at the store. The only person who is special enough to motivate you…is you. We seek confirmation. We seek permission. All so we can be ourselves. So we can be happy. So we can…be.

The only person who can walk in your shoes…is you. The only person who knows your shoes is you.

Are they large? Small? Absent? Barefooted? In sand? Snow? Do they splash in the rain? Do they ache? Do they yearn to run? Do they yearn to fly? Are they already off the ground? Are they clay splattered? Mud caked? Maybe paint smeared? Are they none of these things? Are they ALL of these things? Have you noticed them before? Or are they never before seen? Are they changing constantly or slowly sinking into the earth? Are they somewhere between the lines? Avoiding the cracks? Kicking the stones or resting in the grass?

Don’t look to me today or to Rafi or to anyone. Look to yourself. Who are you at this moment? Now this moment…what makes you smile in this one…and this one….and the next one. Are you being you in all those moments? How about now? Being yourself here? What about…here. Now? Are you happy? No? Well, that moment is gone so how about now? Happy here?

So many moments. So many chances. So many opportunities to let yourself sing, dance, create, play, laugh, cry, etc etc. Who are you? Do I know you? Do I REALLY know you? Or are you hiding? Somewhere behind the “should”s and “supposed to”s and “expected to”s. It’s OK if you are but know you don’t need anyone’s permission to come out from back there. Because the only one here who is special and awesome and amazing…is you. I’m just a person connecting words together. Rafi is just someone filling up boxes. But you? Oh you! I see a Proud Person of Uniqueness. 

Life can hurt sometimes, and we can choose to let it affect us. Luckily we have an uncountable amount of moments in which to change our minds.

Happy Creating~”

You are a force of nature, one that is completely unique and incomparable. Remember that when you are staring into the impossible, get ready to show it who is boss.

I adore you all!!!


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