You Don’t Have To Close The Sale With Art

In this Rogue podcast, I discuss why artists are special and why we don’t have to do less-than-desirable tactics. I will walk you through my process of buying art and why relationships are so important.

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Close The Sale With Art

  1. A question… Do you buy other artist’s work? I have a collection of work I can afford and I want in my life. I have always thought that artists should support each other as much as they can. The successful Impressionists bought a lot of paintings by less successful artists because they deeply appreciated the work and wanted to help the other Impressionists survive and paint.

    1. Yes, and in my experience, artists are the best art collectors. That’s why I never understand when artists at a show will turn up their nose when they find out I’m an artist. It’s an immediate turn off and I end up not buying any of the work because it changes to me.

    2. Yes indeed! The artist community is an excellent ecosystem that supports itself in that way. We went to a local opening this weekend and I was talking with one of the featured artists about this very thing. She agreed and added “Of course, artists LOVE art! Why wouldn’t they purchase art if they have the means?” Sometimes we don’t have the means, sometimes we do. I think artists are some of the most prolific art buyers out there.

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