Your Worth Is Yours To Determine

So, let’s kick things off with a little story about change and the people in our lives. You see, when I started on this creative journey, I didn’t have a lot going on, and that’s when I realized that the people around me were a mixed bag. Some were incredibly supportive, while others were, well, not so much. It’s a tale as old as time, really. The more you push toward your dreams, the more uncomfortable it can get for those who are used to the old you.

And here comes the quote of the day, which I’ll paraphrase for you: “The more you start to see your worth, the less you hang around people who don’t.” Now, isn’t that a powerful thought? We often view ourselves through the lens of what others see us as, or we try to fit into the mold others have created for us. But as you start to change your mindset, to feel more empowered and worthy, you might encounter some resistance.

Think of it like this: You used to go to this dingy bar every day, where everyone would gather to complain about their lives and jobs. You’d sit there, participating in the misery Olympics, comparing who had the worst day. But then one day, you found yourself by the ocean, and it changed something within you. You wanted more out of life, to experience the world, to grow.

You go back to that bar, excited to share your newfound perspective, but what you get is resistance. They’re accustomed to commiseration, not inspiration. They might say, “You’ve changed, man,” and it’s at this crossroads that you face a choice. Do you return to the familiar, to what’s safe, or do you venture out on your own into the unknown?

It’s not an easy decision, especially if you’ve been surrounded by negativity for a long time. It can be isolating, and it may feel like the people you consider friends aren’t on your side. But remember, it’s okay to walk your own path. Embrace your uniqueness and trust your journey, even if it means leaving some folks behind.

Here’s the truth: Change is good. I’m not the same person I was a year ago, let alone a decade ago when I started on this wild ride. And you shouldn’t be either. So, if someone says, “You’ve changed, man,” wear it like a badge of honor. Change is a sign of growth, evolution, and self-discovery.

Now, let’s get back to the fun and craziness of this week in the studio. I’ll be having a blast, and I hope you will too. Remember, your worth is what truly matters, and how you see yourself is paramount. Anyone who can’t see your worth will eventually fade into the background.

I adore each and every one of you. Adios, let’s keep embracing the beautiful madness of life!

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